Terms and Conditions

When you use any services at CrossFit Whanganui you also become part of our growing community.  By signing up, attending and using services of CrossFit Whanganui you agree to abide by and respect the rules of the CrossFit Whanganui as set out in these terms and conditions, those displayed at the box, communicated by our staff, displayed on our website and / or on social media. CrossFit Whanganui reserves the right to update and change these terms and conditions with or without notice at any time.

These terms and conditions are current as at 1st June 2020


These terms and conditions apply to all users of any services provided by, or, in association with CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd. 

  • The “Gym” means CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd

  • The “Member” means the person or party signing this Agreement 

  • Physical Address: 33 Hatrick Street West, Whanganui, 4500

  • Phone: 021 230 1780 

  • Email: info@crossfitwhanganui.co.nz


  • The Member acknowledges that provision of services provided by the facility may change and for the purposes of this Agreement is based on “entitlement” to use and not on actual use.

  • The Member agrees to be bound by the rules of the Gym.

  • CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd may remove entitlement of use of the services and facilities if the Member fails to comply with the rules of the facility or fails to make payment of any fee on the due date.

Member Etiquette

  • Book in to classes and sessions ahead of time

  • Cheer on your mates and High five after every WOD

  • Arrive on time for your scheduled class.

  • Tell a Coach immediately if you're feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous. We can help.

  • Put your things away – neatly and in clean condition after the last person has completed their work out

  • Write your name on the board with your score, to help you track progress

  • Be aware of and nice to everyone in the box

  • Make your Coach aware of aches, pains or other issues at the start of your session; we can provide alternative movements for you.

  • Do not drop empty barbells! Please treat our equipment respectfully.

  • Please remember that as part of our community you are a walking talking billboard all the time.  So, if you need to get into a street fight, please take off our t-shirt first

Advertising and publicity waiver

  • Photography and videography will be taken during any classes or events in relation to CrossFit Whanganui. By signing up and/or using services with CrossFit Whanganui you agree to allow us to use your image in promotional and other business related material.  We will take care not to publish any discriminating images

Visitors and children at the box

  • You are welcome to bring your children and other guests to the box, provided they can remain in the designated area for the duration of the class and not cause disruption to the class. 

  • We take no responsibility for your children (and guests) or their actions. Any inappropriate behaviour and damages caused by your children or guests can result in charges for damages and / or cancellation of your membership.


  • All payments for services and/or products are required in advance.  Please pay at the front office. Cash and EFTPOS are accepted

  • You will be charged for all additional services or products, if these are not paid in advance an invoice will be sent and payment required in 7 days from date of invoice or sooner. 

  • If you have a direct debit account set up with us, your invoice will be charged to this account. 

  • Ongoing Membership payments are paid via direct debit – further payment terms and conditions apply (See ‘Memberships’)

  •  Any debt collection costs incurred for unpaid accounts will be uncharged to the account payer.  These may include third party debt collection services fees and/or administration fees. 

Health & Safety

  • You must not handle equipment when you have an open wound (as a minimum wound must be adequately covered)

  • If bodily fluids accidentally end up on equipment you must utilise the detergent provided to clean it

  • Keep personal property and gear off the gym floor and placed in designated spaces

  • Zero tolerance to persons coming in under influence of alcohol/drugs (will be asked to leave)

  • You must advise if, on prescription meds, anything, whereby you are advised to not operate a car/machinery, will mean you are not able to do any sessions at CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd until medication is finished for the safety of yourself and others

Personal responsibility

  • Our staff are professionals at their roles and will advise you to the best of their knowledge and ability within the scope of our services.  Achieving your desired outcomes will require you to take responsibility for your own actions, inactions and choices. We expect that you will:

  • Show up to your booked appointments and times

  • Take care of our equipment

  • Be honest in your efforts

  • Pay your fees on time

  • When you have concerns outside of our scope, that you seek additional advice from other professionals such as your GP, counsellor, or other health professional/s

  • Where advice and information conflicts, it is your responsibility to choose what is best for you.

Assumption of Risk, Release of Claims and Waiver of Liability

  • I understand that CrossFit, Weightlifting, and all Physical exercises are hazardous activities that involve inherent risks of serious physical injury. With full knowledge of risks involved in CrossFit, Weightlifting and Physical exercise and other competitive sports, I expressly assume all the risks of harm to myself arising from the participation in any activities relating to these sports on the premises of CrossFit Whanganui or at events outside the gym.

  • To the extent permitted by law, CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd shall not be liable or responsible to the member for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage to the member or the property of the member whatsoever and howsoever arising. 

  • I hereby expressly and for all times, on behalf of myself, my heirs, successors and assigns, executors and personal representatives release and agree to hold harmless CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd, owners, shareholders or any other coaches and any heir, successor, assign, executor, employee, member, representative, owner or director of any or all of them from any claim, demand or cause of action at law or equity from any injury to me that arises or might have arisen from my participation in the activities associated directly or indirectly with CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd.


  • I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd from any claim, demand or cause of action at law or equity, including, but not limited to, any claim of personal injury, that may be asserted CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd, and any heir, successor, assign, executor, employee, member, representative, owner or director of any or all of them by any third party as a direct or indirect result of my participation in any activity directly or indirectly associated with the CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd.


  • CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd offer long term and ongoing membership services.  The following Terms and  Conditions outline the payments, holds, cancellation policies for these agreements and are in addition to all general terms and conditions.


  • The Member acknowledges that provision of services provided by the facility may change and for the purposes of this Agreement is based on “entitlement” to use and not on actual use.

  • The Member agrees to be bound by the rules of the Gym.

  • CrossFit Whanganui 2013 Ltd may remove entitlement of use of the services and facilities if the Member fails to comply with the rules of the facility or fails to make payment of any fee on the due date.

  • An ongoing membership includes any contract that has ongoing payments due with no defined end date. 

  • Memberships may have different minimum terms, please check your specific agreement details.

  • CrossFit Whanganui has appointed third party services for Direct Debit payment services. Direct Debit via GoCardless is now our preferred payment method. We think you’ll find it easier to pay through GoCardless, and it helps our business too. We’ll be saving hours of time each week managing our payments which we plan to reinvest into continually improving our service to you.​


  • All ongoing memberships are required to be paid via direct debit.

  • Payments will be due in advance of membership and will be invoiced to the account payer

  • Initial payments may vary to include a proportional amount of membership from the start date to first payment date

  • Dishonoured payments may incur a $10 fee. To avoid this fee, please email info@CrossFitWhanganui.co.nz at least 3 business days before the payment is due and arrange payment on a suitable date. Your bank may also charge an additional dishonour fee

  • All payments include GST 

Changing memberships

  • Changes can be made to your membership on request. This could be an upgrade, downgrade or a switch in services

  • Downgrades and service changes will take any minimum terms or package and programme specials into consideration before being accepted.  Where applicable, a downgrade may not be applied until minimum terms are met.

  • Please allow up to 5 business days for changes to be updated on your account

  • All changes to payments will be on a pro-rata basis


  • If you are going away on holiday or require extended leave from the gym, you can request to have payments placed on hold. 

  • The minimum hold period is 2 weeks, maximum hold is up to 12 weeks per calendar year (Holding fee applies)

  • Minimum 10 business days notice in writing is required for holds of 2 - 4 weeks and 30 business days notice of holds 4 - 12 weeks — please email  info@crossfitwhanganui.co.nz with details to arrange a hold.

  • Membership may be cancelled if more than 12 weeks hold is required - See cancellations for more details

  • Non-attendance to classes will not automatically place your account on hold and holds cannot be placed on your account in retrospect. 

  • Payments will be on a pro-rata basis.

  • Any holds taken within a minimum sign up period for memberships and individual services will not be counted as weeks used. I.e. a minimum 12 week programme where you take a 2 week break will extend the end term of the program by 2 weeks 

  • You will receive a confirmation once your hold request has been processed

Cancellation of Membership

  • The member may request cancellation of this Agreement after the expiry of minimum term or after expiry of special deal and after all instalments and fees up until the date of termination are paid in full. 

  • In order to cancel this Agreement, the Member must contact CrossFit Whanganui and give at least 30 days notice in writing of the termination request. Email to info@crossfitwhanganui.co.nz 

  • Any payments that fall due within this notice period shall be payable in full and the member shall be entitled to full use of their membership for any time paid for during this notice period. 

  • The Member shall not consider that this membership has been terminated until such time as this is confirmed in writing to the Member by CrossFit Whanganui.

  • Cancellation of membership is final. Any future application for membership will be assessed at future terms and rates;

  • Membership may be cancelled if payments are dishonoured for a period of 4 weeks with no catch-up payments scheduled. These payments will still be due and any costs for debt recovery will be on-charged to the account payer

  • Upon cancellation of your membership any monies owing must be paid in full

  • CrossFit Whanganui may cancel any membership at our discretion. 

Individual or Custom Services

  • CrossFit Whanganui 2013 LTD offer individual and Custom services such as, Nutrition services, Personal Training and private group events. These extra services are optional and come at an additional cost to the member.  Terms and conditions are specific to these extra services and are in addition to the general terms and conditions. 

Access to services

  • The Member acknowledges that provision of services provided by the facility may change and for the purposes of this Agreement is based on “entitlement” to use and not on actual use

  • Individual or custom services will be provided for on an appointment basis

  • Any unused appointments will expire at the end of a subscription period or package offer


  • For All Individual and private services, extra time has gone into preparing for your session and your appointment time has been blocked off for any other appointments or services.  For this reason we expect you to keep to your appointment time or arrange a change with required notice. 

  • Your coach will be ready for you at the start time of your appointment and may have other appointments before and / or after your time, so please be respectful of our coach’s time too by showing up on time

  • If you are running late the coach will wait up to 15 minutes before your session is considered cancelled by ‘no-show’ - in this case the full fee will be charged

  • If you are less than 15 minutes late the coach may continue with your session, however it will still end at the end of the allotted time, you may miss out on some programmed elements of your session to keep scheduling.

Cancel or reschedule an appointment

  • The For all individual and private services coach operates on a scheduled appointment basis for all session and thus, requires a 12-hour notice especially when cancelling/rescheduling an appointment. 

  • To cancel your session - in the first instance please go to your appointment confirmation email and click the change/cancel appointment button. This is available any time of day. Only if this is not available, then email info@crossfitwhanganui.co.nz with the details you would like changed.

  • Cancellations will be accepted up to 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment at no charge.  After this time, your full session may be charged, or the appointment’s allocation taken from your subscription.

  • Late arrival – after 15 mins passed the start time of your appointment will be considered a ‘no show’ and will cancel the entire appointment. The full fee will be charged.

  • Cancellations prior to the 12-hour timeframe may be rebooked with no extra charge

  • On the rare occasion that a coach needs to cancel your session, you will be contacted with an alternative coach option where available.  You may choose to accept the new coach, or re-book your session for a new time with no additional charges