You can’t pour from an empty cup

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

When you are flying anywhere and the attendants give you the pre-flight safety check, what is the first thing they tell you to do? Sort yourself first, and then look to others around you that need help. Their message is that during an emergency, when the masks drop from the ceiling, put on your mask and then help your kids. This is an important point, and the message in this is something that we can take away and apply to life.

Imagine if you are sitting in a plane and the masks drop down. Your loved one is beside you and your initial reaction is to pop their mask on first and then do yours. But, what if in the process of helping them you become unwell, pass out and then cannot do your own mask?

You can’t help your loved ones, or help yourself. In this situation and in life, you need to look after yourself first, because you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Your “cup” is the volume of spirit you have to share, when your cup is full you can pour energy and spirit into other people and projects. This is being able to give your time, energy and attention.

When thing stress us out, it’s like poking holes in the cup. Our energy drains away, and it’s a losing battle trying to keep giving, and you can’t give anyone or anything as much attention as you would like to.

Things that fill your cup are activities that take stress away. Sometimes you can’t always patch all the holes, but you can put more energy in by actively finding activities that de-stress you. This is “outing your own mask on first”.

We have many members who find CrossFit is the way they de-stress. An hour of good exercise endorphins with a bunch of cool people, makes your hour at CrossFit a healthy happy hour!

Some days you may need rest from exercise too, there are other ways you can choose to ‘fill your cup’ Have a soak at the spa at the pools Go see a funny movie Go out for dinner Play some games with the kids Get a massage Write to a friend – yes on paper!

Some even come into the box just to hang out with cool people, even on their rest day! That’s pretty cool too.

Take note of what moments fill your cup – do more of that! Then, when your loved ones need some of your spirit, your cup won’t be empty.

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