You are the average of the five people that you hang around the most

You are the average of the five people that you hang around the most.

This is one of the reasons that we put so much emphasis on attracting the right type of person to join our community. We want the hour to be full of awesomeness, laughter, good vibes and positivity.

A good friend of mine outlined for me the two camps of people: Spirit givers and spirit takers. Think of this…your phone goes “ding” and you see a notification pop up that says “xxx has messaged you”. How does that message make you feel?

Do you get excited and want to open it straight away? Or do you sigh and feel a weight drop in your belly? The emotions you feel when this happens is the indication that someone is either giving spirit or taking spirit.

My first challenge to you – Listening to your gut

Over the next week audit your circles and listen to your gut. When you see someone, does it make you smile or do your shoulders slump a bit?

The next challenge – Subtract the negative and add some positive

This sounds simple but it’s really difficult. Sometimes it’s the people that are closest to you that you need to cull. For me it was an immediate family member. This dude was sucking the spirit out of me and poking massive holes in my “cup”. So, I’ve culled them from my life. That doesn’t mean you never see them again. But, it does mean that I dictate the interactions and govern how much spirit I give them. I also had to have the awkward conversation with them that went “Nah, I am not adding you to my friends list and you are blocked from my business page. I cant have your negativity in my space, and really cant have you affecting my CFW community. CFW is how I feed my family, and you cannot mess that up.”

The fun part is adding awesome people. This has been very simple for me. The community at CFW are spirit giving and I could honestly buy a plot of land and start a cult with my community, they are that awesome. Other ways I’ve tried to surround myself with cool people is to be more social and actively participate in groups such as the Maori Business Network. Full of amazing people, and I learn so much from being around them. I also volunteer my time on NGOs and other governance positions, with the double intention of giving back to the community and also being surrounded by captains of industry.

In summary Trust your gut, subtract the people that suck your energy and add more people that give you spirit.

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