Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness

Well in a few days it will be officially winter and according to the long-term weather forecast, we are in for our first legit cold snap in the coming week. Winter presents an interesting time and typically we see a slow down in people wanting to maintain their fitness. We get it. Its colder, and the attraction of the snooze button at 5:00am is pretty alluring.

At CrossFit Whanganui we are 100% geared up to help you reach your goals. The magic happens when you book in 3-5 times a week and show up hitting the WOD with the intensity that is needed to keep you progressing. Once we get to the other side of winter, you won’t be a part of the social media chorus that screams “Getting my body ready for summer”, because while others took the colder days off, you came into CrossFit Whanganui and paid in the best way you can – with sweat angels and chalky hands.

There are other ways you can look after your wellness (emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing). These are some of my favourite strategies for staying happy and well through winter (outside of CrossFit Whanganui):

Keep up water intake – With the work/home heaters blaring and a cocoon of comfort around us, try to be proactive with maintaining fluids by having a drink of water on the go.

Prep a hearty meal -Sort something nice and hearty for dinner. The sun in its attempt to rush away, leaves us walking/travelling home in the dark. One strategy to tackle this gloomy welcome home, is to have a yum and heart meal ready to roll. Try this delicious and healthy crock pot meal that will welcome you home with an amazing smell. We love this recipe in the Rayner Household and whenever pork is on special, the crock pot gets pulled out:

Walk at lunch (or if you’re really game, in the morning) – Winter in Whanganui is absolutely beautiful. The sun rises a little earlier and nature treats us to some amazing sites. Heading out to enjoy this with a walk is an easy way to sneak in some movement and lift the spirits.

Get some vitamin D – Sunlight is an easy, cheap and natural way to elevate your mood in Winter. Because many of us work predominately indoors, the amount of sunlight we are getting greatly diminishes over winter. Low sun exposure has been linked with the winter Blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and getting a good hit of Tamanui-te-Ra goes a long way to staying happy and healthy.

Wear Colour – With the colder months at our doorstep, wrapping up in dark morbid colours is an easy go to. But, it’s amazing how adding colour and fun clothing to your day lifts your spirits and the spirits of those around you.

Snug up – In winter, the colder weather represents your chance to channel your inner cuddle-bug and maximise the comfort of a soft warm couch and blanket. Do it! Its so spiritually satisfying to grab a cuppa tea and sung up on the couch. Especially after a day full of CrossFit Whanganui, good kai and awesome people.

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