What would you really not want to see come out of the Hopper?

What would you really not want to see come out of the Hopper?

Back in “the old days” of the early 2000s, Greg Glassman created a test of fitness called “The Hopper”. The hopper was a big barrel that he roasts peanuts in. Think of a tin barrel on its side with a handle to spin it over a fire. He would put a bunch of movements on bingo balls, throw them in the hopper and then pull some out at random and create a workout.

Your fitness was only as good as your ability tackle any task or demand that came out of that hopper. This crude but simple technique was the start of the CrossFit Games. Indeed, many of our CrossFit competitions that we participate in to this day are surprise workouts, and to the competitors would seem like they have been pulled at random from a hopper.

I have been thinking a lot about that Hopper, and in particular of the movements that we draw out. Especially over the Christmas/New Year period when people are starting to think of Wods to do on the beach, or away from the box.

When we come up with a “home wod” it is typically full of the movements that we love and can Rockstar every time. Surprise surprise, whenever I get to choose a workout it’ll be heavy back squats and a very very short conditioning session.

Remember the purpose of what we do. Our training is aimed at General Physical Preparedness, getting you ready for any and every task. We want to develop a fitness that enables us to move heavy things, run a far distance, quickly sprint a short distance, jump high and throw things.

My challenge to you: Focus on the activity that you would really not want to see come out of the hopper. To build a solid level of GPP we need to work at the boundries of our fitness. For myself…. that is running. I hate seeing them in WODs (which is weird because I do the programming). I’d rather a barbell wod any day of the week…but, running is where I can improve my GPP the most and where I should focus my “homework time”.

So next time you read the WOD Blog and see “insert your hated movement here” in the workout of the day, book in via Influx and come and do it anyway.

Have a watch of Greg Glassman talking about the Hopper:


If you are one of our community that follow along at home, give one of our daily workouts a crack These have been programmed to include variance, so you will always see something you need to work on. http://crossfitwhanganui.co.nz/wod-blog/

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