What’s your poison?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

What’s your poison?

oday’s blog was inspired by a quote that led me down todays rabbit hole.

If you were being fed poison and someone asked, “What’s the best treatment?”, the best answer is not to come up with an antidote. The solution is to stop eating the poison in the first place.

Our bodies and minds will adapt to what ever we are consistent with. IF we are consistent with a shitty diet, our bodies will reflect that. If we are consistent with a shitty sleep routine, our minds will reflect that.

Your challenge from todays blog is to write down four areas of negativity that you are feeding yourself and create actions towards eliminating them. These don’t need to be major changes, and I’m not asking you to quit your job and join the circus (although if that would make you happy, go ahead). Start small and knock em off. Move the next bead and walk another hundred paces.

To help jump start you, here are my four.

What is your poison?

Screen time/Lack of Sleep I am positive I am not alone with this one. When I was a kid, there were only one or two programmes worth watching and they were on at set times. And, there was only one screen in the house, so if the old man wanted to watch Antiques roadshow, the whole family watched Antiques Roadshow. Now, we have a screen each, unlimited ultrafast broadband and streaming services that give us seasons worth of shows to binge on. It’s awesome! But, this often comes at a sacrifice of sleep and whanau time. This is a poison that I am overconsuming.

My next step: Create a sleep routine. Watch a single episode, play with the whanau, and get to bed. I love reading so the plan of attack is to replace the screen with a book. Reading doesn’t have the same stimulation as a flicking screen and can help you float off to a better-quality sleep. I also have a super active brain that plays back the entire days events, preventing any quality sleep. Reading a book helps me to quiet that noise.

Inconsistent training I could write a book of excuses why I haven’t had the opportunity to train as much as I want, however I can think of a tonne of times that I had the opportunity and didn’t instead choosing to do other things. The beauty of CrossFit is in its simplicity: walk in and do the WOD.

My next step: Look at the coaching schedule and book into 3+ sessions a week. I love joining you awesome people in a WOD. My plan is to do it more often.

Diet Early mornings and late nights often mean quick grab and eat food. Again I could write a book of reasons why more processed food has crept in, but the truth is: unprepared.

My next steps: Preparation. Clean the fridge and pantry of rubbish and make sure it is stoked with healthy kai. We eat some amazing food in our house when we have a plan, but when we don’t plan it turns to custard (literally).

Not enough nature – Morning smoko walk I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial nature is to your wairua (spirit). This gives you the opportunity to get some vitamin D, breathe some fresh air and turn your brain off for a short period of time. Especially in winter, when the days are colder and its tempting to spend the entire day and night hidden away from the sun, we need to get outside.

My next steps: I have a few minutes every morning to get outside. During my morning tea break, I’m going to dedicate this time to a walk. Wrap a jacket on and hit the block.