Think outside of the box

Think outside of the box

Things get pretty crazy around this time of year – new goals, new challenges and new opportunities, all vying for your attention and time. Karli and I get it, and that’s why in today’s blog post we are sharing our absolute top tips for “Fitness at home”.

In this post, we’ll be showing you how to: • Look after your mental wellbeing • Keep up your mobility work • Three awesome home workouts

Look after you Mental Wellbeing I truly believe that the goal of the actions we undertake everyday should be aimed to achieve one thing: happiness. Either in the macro or micro. i.e. Macro – you suffer a little now so that in the long term you can be happy, or the Micro – what you are doing now immediately brings you joy. Two major pieces of advice from our coaches to you on how to maximise your happiness: 1. Vitamin D – Nature is an untapped and free resource that has an almost immediate effect on your mood. If you cannot make it to the box, pick one of Whanganuis beautiful spots and go for a walk, or grab a book and chill outside. 2. Sleep – We cannot say enough times how crucial good quality sleep is in relationship to your happiness and fitness. Try prioritising your sleep with a set routine that you can follow (e.g. bed time, no phone, no caffine, avoid flickering lights).

Keep up your mobility work Maintaining the ability to move your body through a full range of motion is something we all need to be giving attention to 24 hours a day. Mobility and exercise is not restricted to just the 60 minutes you are with a CrossFit Whanganui coach, nor is it limited to fancy equipment or a physiotherapists office.

While you are at home (hopefully chilling with your whanau), is the perfect time of the day to give some focused attention to areas that it. Our coaches at CrossFit Whanganui highly recommend you give our hip opening series a crack at least once a day. We like this so much it is included into our programming at least three times a week:

Coaches top 3 “At home” workouts After putting some quality time into mobility and activities that bring you happiness, we have compiled our top three workouts for you to try at home.

Tabata – This is a 4-minute high intensity workout that we use often at CrossFit Whanganui. There are 8 rounds of 20 seconds work that is given at a max effort level of intensity. Think, Zombies are chasing me and I need to get away, level of intensity. Each 20 second burst of work is followed by 10 seconds of rest. The movements you fill the 8 rounds with are only limited by your imagination and available equipment. For a taster, here is our bodyweight suggestion: Air Squats, Sit Ups, Push Ups, Lunges.

Gymnastics Core Routine – Again this is something that we programme very regularly, and is absolute gold when it comes to “what should I do at home?”. This routine consists of ten seconds of work, for five core strengthening activities: Hollow Hold, Hollow Rock, V-Ups, Arch Hold, Arch Rocks. Flow from one position to the other with no break in between. Gold!

CrossFit Opens Wod 12.1 – This was the first Opens workout Karli and I participated in and to this day it still kicks my butt. The simplicity of its design is genius and no matter how fit you think you are, this one can truly turn the heat up: 7 Min AMRAP of Burpees. Put on a timer for 7 minutes and do as many burpees as you can. At the bottom of the movement your chest touches the ground. For the clap over head at the top, you now touch a target that is set 6 inches above your reach. Have a try and let us know how many reps you get.