There is no substitute for hard work

There is no substitute for hard work.

We don’t sell six-week courses that promise to “Get you in shape for summer”, or make promises of “#Gainz”. We cannot, in all honesty tell you that you’ll end up with a six pack or be shredded. We won’t push any supplements onto you and really wouldn’t have a clue what brand of protein powder will best catch the anabolic window.

What we do promise is that becoming the best version of yourself is a life long journey. There are no short cuts and truly sustainable results take effort and consistent hard work, every single day.

Our community can see quick fix gimmicks for what they are, gimmicks. Just like the plethora of get rich quick schemes flooding social media, the fitness industry is full of pills and potions that play to the vulnerable and desperate.

CrossFit Whanganui a strength bias community and building strength takes years and years of grinding away at the barbell to see the smallest of wins. Regardless of the marketing and flashy gimmicks of pyramid scheme protein powders or juices/tea cleanses, or ripped Insta models selling the next best thing, there is absolutely no substitute for hard work.

Building mental character. Our community have chosen to dedicate an hour of their day to high intensity exercise. Because we have chosen a harder path to travel, our community experience an amazing adaptation. People that workout at high intensity are different. A typical CrossFit session can leave you on the ground sucking deep breathes trying to recover from a workout whilst your body is heaving from the exertion. People that do this for fun find the struggles of normal life trivial.

Community is everything. This is what makes long term sustainable efforts all the more easier, having your mates alongside you and sharing in the experience. To be very honest, we are just a social club that happens to be into working out…and a little bit of craft beer.