The REAL Path to Success

The REAL Path to Success

In the early days of your CrossFit journey you made tonnes of progress. The addition of constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity into your lifestyle can give some instant and profound results. Every session you seem to PR your Clean and Jerk, or add another double under to your total. These early wins are awesome, and should be heralded in with the loud ringing of the PB Bell.

Fast forward a little later and the path to success starts to take a different route. After moving forward so quickly, you’re going to back track ALMOST to zero again. Then, you’ll revive your passion for training and take to the barbell with renewed intensity, and you’ll make a bit more progress. Then, you’ll back track to ALMOST the point you were last time.

Progress, backtrack, progress, backtrack.

But my friends, here is the reason to keep going: Every time you loop back, you won’t go quite as far backward as before. The loops get smaller.

And you’ll also start to notice that you’re not backtracking quite as often as before. Someday you’ll look up and think, “Wow, I’ve gone a whole year without any backtracking.” And when you have a set back, thinking this way will help you keep your perspective.

Many people trying to get fitter and healthier are stuck in that first loop forever.

You’re not.

One of my favourite people in the entire world just joined CrossFit Whanganui and in his first week, successfully attended five classes and has lost 5kgs already. Why? He isn’t at the same starting point as when he first joined. This time will be easier, as the road has already been travelled.

Keep going! Book in to class and move forward.

Note: This blog was inspired by a business mentor of mine and Karlis, Chris Cooper who used the same analogy (the path to success) to describe the progress/backtrack that happens running a small