The power of “yet”

The power of “yet”.

Far too often I hear the words that both make my heart drop and give me goose bumps of excitement.

“I can’t”

My heart drops, because I know that those are words of defeat, spoken when an athlete has given up in frustration and a wall has been erected between you and your goal. “I can’t do double unders” or “I can’t get 40kgs overhead”. These words not only demotivate you but create an invisible ceiling that you will struggle to get through.

I had an athlete in the past who has the most beautiful gymnastics I’ve ever seen in an adult at CrossFit Whanganui. This athlete never got the bar muscle up that they craved so much. The strength was definitely there, the skill was there, but the words “I can’t” were also present and that put a halt to any advancement. As an athlete it was hugely frustrating and as a coach it was heart breaking, to see all the ingredients present but not being able to break past the mental barrier of “I can’t”.

The goose bumps I get is knowing the level of satisfaction that athlete and coach will get once we achieve whatever “I can’t” is. Usually the first domino that we need to push over is adding “yet”. Once this happens, all the other pieces tend to fall in line.

Here is your challenge: Whenever you feel those words start to creep into your vocabulary, add “yet” to the end of the sentence.

I can’t do double unders…yet. I can’t get 40kgs overhead…yet”

Your coaches can also help you move towards your goals, breaking through any barriers during a personal skill session. These are available via our website:

When Karli and I first discovered CrossFit, we saw some of the most amazing people in the world, swimming, doing push ups and bar muscle ups with ease. I’d never seen anything like it and was instantly hooked. Karli, never having done anything athletic in her life, saw the women’s heat and instantly knew “I can’t do that…. yet”. From that first day, we knew that muscle ups and all the flashy moves would come eventually. We just need to be consistent, patient and trust the process. And in time, we did.