The hats we wear

The hats we wear

All of us live pretty busy lives, and juggle multiple responsibilities throughout our days. From being a parent and sorting the kids, to being an employee and doing your job, to being a boss and managing your team, or being a martial arts coach and building strong fighters. We all wear different hats. At CrossFit Whanganui, for one hour of your day our goal is to take those hats off, and let you be just another barbell athlete lifting and working hard alongside everyone else.

Three gentlemen come to mind when I write this blog and I would love to share their stories.

Muz – Murray is the man. During the day, he is an entrepreneur, team leader (owns Specsavers Optometrists – Whanganui) and has a beautiful whanau in Marton. Leading a team and being a Dad are serious responsibilities, but, one of the main motivators for busting arse next to his mates at the box is that he doesn’t need to think. Our coaches have already done all of the programming. The facility has all the equipment we need. The community is ready to provide support. All Murray needs to do, is get his kit, and come on in. And its working. Funny side story – after each session you can physically see Murray in the car changing his mindset back to Dad mode.

Rob – Rob has one of the hardest work ethics that I’ve ever seen. Rob is a team leader (Cashmore Construction) and has multiple business on the go at the same time as well as being a new Dad. Just like Murray, Rob comes into the box for one hour of unbroken peace where the responsibility of managing a team is quiet whilst he attacks a barbell. Every session, Rob arrives at the box with his workout kit under one arm and his phone in the other sorting some business. He puts the phone down, gets his kit on and goes to work alongside the community. As soon as the hour is up, his kit goes back under his arm, and the phone goes back to his ear. But, for that one hour in between, peace.

Finn – Finn is one of the nicest young men I have ever met. Finn is a Black Belt in Judo and is currently training to compete (not just participate…compete) at the Oceania Championships later this year. Finn has popped in a couple time to augment his Judo training and he loves it. Typically, he has to be a leader within his sport, teaching classes and mentoring the coloured belts. But at CrossFit Whanganui, all that thinking and responsibility is gone. At CrossFit he is back to a white belt and the coaching and programming has been sorted for him.

Within our community we have doctors, nurses, veterinarians, early childhood carers, administrators, entrepreneurs and much more. But, at the sound of 3,2,1 Go! we are all just barbell athletes.