The benchmark WOD “Jackie”.

The benchmark WOD “Jackie”.

At the time of writing this blog, our crew have just finished the Benchmark WOD “Jackie”. Jackie is such a well designed test of fitness:

For Time: 1000m Row 50 Thrusters 20/15 30 Pull ups

As a workout by itself, it isn’t that great, but as a test of fitness and a way to measure your progress over time, man it is beautiful.

Here is a breakdown of its components.

The 1000 m Row – This is pure aerobic conditioning. You can’t fake this one, and either you have been working on your rowing technique and conditioning, or you have not. Either way, the 1000 m will reveal how much ‘grit’ you have put into your training.

The 50 Thrusters – You would not typically see this many thrusters in a regular days programme, and not usually at such a lightweight. The genius of this one is in its simplicity. To perform that many thrusters requires a tonne of muscular endurance: how long can you keep moving the barbell? This tests your spirit as well, cos the burn is real…and everything in you screams to put the bar down. Your mobility also comes into play with such a light weight thruster. Have you worked on your front rack mobility? Squat mobility plays a large role too, testing your ability maintain an upright torso. All these factors will be tested during the thrusters, and again you cannot hide from the fact that you either have earned it or you haven’t. Beautiful test.

The Pull Ups – This is such a milestone test for many people. Achieving a pull up for the first time is something very special and over the years we have helped hundreds of athletes reach this milestone. The test here is a mixture of a number of factors: Have you worked on the skill to get 30 pull ups? Have you focused on your diet and tried to strip away any extra pull up weight (this helps a tonne when doing high rep gymnastics). This is also one of the most rewarding areas of this work out. Many people will retest and the shining “win” for them is moving down a band size on the pull ups, or getting 10 RX pull ups, then going to a grey band. Any progress in the 30 pull ups should be followed by an immediate celebration and high five from your CrossFit Wingman.

How can you get ready for our retest of Jackie?

Move beautifully – Rowing is quite simple, yet often done poorly. Every time your butt touches the seat of the rower, focus on technique. Similarly you cannot grunt your way through the Thrusters and the pull ups. Stick to good technique when you are fresh, and especially so when you are fatigued. Always move beautifully.

Stick to the basics – Its tempting to move past progressions to the flashier movements, before having truly consolidated the foundation steps. If you are still working on strict pull up strength, add this to your post workout routine. Avoid going for butterfly pull ups if your focus should be simpler movements.

Be consistent – You truly need to show up to CrossFit Whanganui a minimum of three classes per week to see any progress. Our programming is structured so that you can train any day of the week and get a combination of good strength training and a conditioning piece. Just book, and come in. Your coaches will do the rest.

Watch out for the retest of Jackie