The bad guys just get tougher

The bad guys just get tougher

I’m a 90’s kid. I grew up in the world of Starter jackets, snap back hats, The Fresh Prince of Bell Air and Video Games.

All video games were the same. Your avatar started off as this weak little rookie, and eventually you would fight the bad guys and get more experience points, moving from a rookie Avatar into the Ultimate Warrior version of the character.

But the baddies didn’t stay like they did when you started level one, oh no. As you gained XP, they would get stronger too, so the bad guys on level 10 were just as strong as you were. Sounds weird, but that’s how the game kept you hooked.

Imagine if you gained all that experience and leveled up to The Ultimate Warrior status only to stay fighting the baddies on level one…you’d get bored and turn the game off.

CrossFit Whanganui works the same way!

When you are fresh off your onramp, you’ll likely be moving an empty barbell for a while and this will be more than enough challenge to get you XP.

After a little while, you’ll level up and some ink will go on the PB board.

Then you’ll be lifting a barbell plus two greys, for a while.

Then you’ll level up and be lifting with two greens, then two yellows, and on it goes.

You gaining XP, and fighting tougher and tougher bad guys.

I like to think of competitions, like the Opens as “The Boss”. You’ve put in all this hard work, now it’s time to put it all to the test.