Silly-ness – it’s important

Silly-ness – it’s important

If you want your fitness lifestyle to be long term this is ‘the secret’. I challenge you to find someone at the box who has been doing CrossFit for a long time and ask what some of their favourite memories are – some of them will tell you stories of this one time when we made a human bicycle , another time we had to run around the bridges in a kids superman shirt, we put on silly costumes and did handstands in random places, we ran through mud and jumped off high platforms, we crawled through live wires that electrocuted us, we set up the foam rollers in a row slid along them like a waterslide, at one time you would pick up your phone if you left it unattended and there would be some random selfies of silly faces, one time someone shot a pretend arrow across the room and it ‘knocked’ someone off their chair?!

Sounds a bit weird aye? And not all of the memories that flood back to me are workout related. Indeed, most of them are just memories of our community doing silly things together.

I could actually write so many more and still miss a lot of the stories! Most of these things didn’t even actually happen at the box, they happened on CrossFit Whanganui road trips. *hint hint – you should tag along on the next one*

You may think that we were just messing around, you may think that we were not taking our training seriously, you may think that it doesn’t help with training.

But it absolutely and 100% does!

You see when you play silly games, you become comfortable with making a bit of a fool of yourself, you can have a laugh at your own expense. When you can do this, you become comfortable with the idea you might fail. When you are comfortable with this, you will be ok with taking the risk.

Then, you will progress. Because anyone who has ever achieved anything great, has failed first, and many times along the way.

There’s are times when silliness applies and times when to silliness is dangerous: yes! when we are playing warm up games no! during your training buddy’s heavy lift yes! when the music is loud and the vibes are cranking no! when the coach is teaching and everyone is trying to understand the instructions yes! when the hard work is finished and it’s time to wind down no! when you’re spotting for your buddy

Get the idea?! Have some fun and we’ll see you at the box!