Saturday 7th April 2018

Saturday 7th April 2018

Skill/Strength – Gymnastics Midline

Conditioning (In Pairs) – For Time:

60 cal Row

60 Front Squats 62.5/45

60 Hang Cleans

60 Knees to Elbow

60 Dumbbell Hang C&J – Sinlge Arm

1600m Run

Note: Split work as needed between the pairs. One working at a time.

There is a community for everyone!

Karli and I own a husky (or does she own us???) called Rosie. She’s an awesome puppy and we knew we wanted a husky years before we got her.

Every Saturday night, we take her to hang out with other members of a Whanganui Husky Owners group at the St Johns Hill Dog Park. It’s a really cool hour, where the pack get together and play/fight/run together.

Last Saturday night we met up and the dogs played whilst the owners talked about life, owning a husky, the latest world events etc.

In the wider dog park, a huge dog owner gathering was happening where what seemed to be 100 dog owners from around NZ got together to compete in dog agility courses. The end of their day was a shared bbq and communal get together. While I was watching this I thought “there is a community for everyone”.

Humans are a pack animal and no matter what you are interested in, there is absolutely a group of people that are also into the same thing. At CrossFit Whanganui, the equivalent of us “getting our dogs together to do an agility course”, is functional fitness performed at high intensity.

We love getting together with other humans that want to get happier, healthier and fitter by using barbells and a community.

This is our “thing”….and we are pretty happy about it too!

I want to share a very lovey message I got from one of our community members that 100% epitomises why we roll open the doors at 5:00am everyday:

Hey Matt,

I’m loving CFW, I’ve never really felt like I’ve fitted in anywhere, and I actually feel like I belong here. You and Karli have been so welcoming and I really appreciate it! 👍🏻

This is what we mean by “Community is Everything”

The intake process to CrossFit Whanganui follows this same theme, and we offer two ways to enter.

  1. Is to join a group Onnramp where new people jump into the community alongside other new (and often nervous) people. We hold these once a month and the next one starts Monday 12th February 2018. If you are keen or have a mate that might be keen to join our next group onramp, forward this message onto them and book a No sweat intro with one of our coaching team:

  2. The other way to join is to sort out a private one on one onramp with one of our coaches. This suits people that are super keen to join but don’t want to wait for the next group onramp. Book a No sweat to sort both a private or group onramp.

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