Put the phone down. Seriously.

Put the phone down. Seriously.

Being logged into your digital world can have the same effect on your brain as an addictive drug. Also, while you are plugged in, other far more important things can be neglected like sleep or family. Logging off your phone, turning off the telly or shutting the laptop will help make you a better athlete and a better person. However, that is easier said than done, so to help ween you off the flickering attraction of our screens, Coach Matt has complied a couple of very helpful tips that should work.

Have a put down time. Pick a time of the evening when you will put your phone down and not pick it back up until the morning. This will require discipline and I’d even suggest turning the phone off comepltely, or only answering urgent phone calls.

Read a book before sleep. Reading a book just before you go to sleep is a cheap and drug free way to activation your “rest and digest” function, which will help you get to sleep faster and have a better-quality sleep. You have two nervous systems

  1. The sympathetic nervous system, or the “fight or flight” response, prepares our bodies for action. All of the organs involved in getting ready for a physical challenge (“fight”) or preparing for a retreat (“flight”) are activated through this system. Playing on your phone or watching a Netflix show can stimulate this system which can interrupt a quality sleep

  2. The parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and digest”) helps produce a state of equilibrium in the body.

Turn off notifications. These are like trigger signals to your brain telling you to get another fix. Picture yourself chilling and you hear the ting of your phone. That ting releases chemicals similar to that of a drug addict telling them to get another hit, and you immediately pick up your phone and check out the latest news. Try turning these off and you’ll be less tempted to look at your phone as often.

Check out this short 4 min clip of what happens to your brain with too much screen time:

I understand that most of our lives can be organised and actioned through our phones. Trust me, that’s how Karli and I run most of our business, via iphone. Smart phones and technology should be a tool that helps us life better more full lives, not a device that rules us.

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