My tips to building and maintaining a solid level of mental wellbeing.

My tips to building and maintaining a solid level of mental wellbeing.

Having poor mental wellbeing feels absolutely crap. 1 out of six people in Aotearoa have been diagnosed with a common mental health condition, and many more are undiagnosed. Your ability to maintain a healthy mental wellbeing and your physical performance as an athlete are intricately linked together. Ever notice that when you feel on top of the world, your WODs seem easier? On the other hand, when you feel like the barbell magically gains 20 kgs?

Just as you look after your physical wellbeing through constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity, it is important that you take steps to maintain a thriving sense of mental wellbeing. Here are some simple steps from me to you:

Connect – Creating a sense of connection and socialisation is one of the key motivators for Karli and I to run CrossFit classes in a group. There are a tonne of facilities that will provide a space to exercise in isolation, but our major point of difference is the amazing community that makes coming into the box a pleasure, rather than a chore to tick off. In a world of technology and digital relationships, the human aspect of relationships can often be lost. Touch used to be a huge part of what bonded humans together, and a solid handshake/hug/hongi was how interactions began.

Put the phone down – We’ve written a blog specifically about this and it is fire! Seriously, disconnecting from the digital world can have some amazing outcomes on your happiness, sex life, energy and relationships with those around you. (I realise the irony of saying “put the phone down” when you are likely reading this message on your phone right now).

Nature – This one is gold and personally is the therapy that helps me the most whenever I need a wairua filler up. Within Whanganui, there are so many beautiful spots to take your whanau and enjoy some spirit filling nature. Take your loved ones, or pop out by yourself with a book to enjoy the peace and get some vitamin d at the same time. Here are my three favourite spots in Whanganui:




Although these three tips are hugely recommended by your coaching team, we also advise that if you need to talk to someone, consider getting in touch with a professional. Someone I have used (personally) in the past is Julie Williams a Clinical Psychologist based in Palmerston North. Exceptional person and very worth the hour of korero time.


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