Monday 27th February 2017

Monday 27th February 2017

2017 Rivercity Raft Race CHAMPIONS!


Huge high five to everyone that had a hand in getting a raft race team together. There were seven wicked athletes on the waka but a lot more went into making it happen. Thanks to The Andrews clan for giving up time and resources to get the raft sea worthy. A massive thanks to the Oxtoby Clan for donating the winning vessel. 

And for the guys guys that gave the engine to the waka: Blade, Amorangi, Neihana, Megs, Rod, Dante & Haydz. You guys will have to come back and defend your title next year.

Conditioning – 2.5km Run

Today is a retest of the 2.5km run from 12 weeks ago. Forecast is for a beautiful day and the sprinkler system will be cranking for those that train in the arvo.

For the athletes that braved 17.1, today will be an excellent recovery wod to get your body back into the swing and ready to hit 17.2 later this week.

Here are the times to beat:


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