How to workout as a community

Community is Everything “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” ― Jane Howard

A friend shared this after seeing it written on the wall of a subway station in New York city. My friend is a CrossFitter and owns a box in Auckland, and the quote absolutely sums up the attraction of having a community of likeminded people around you and together help the collective move towards its goals.

How many times have you thought “I’m going for a run in the morning”, set your alarm and then snooze it when the siren rips you from your slumber? More than one? There are a few of our community that have a pretty special level of drive and can train at a high level of intensity all by their lonesome. But for the rest of us, finding a group of like minded individuals is a key ingredient to getting to the box, pushing another rep out of the workout and driving a little bit harder during the runs.

Within CrossFit Whanganui here are some of the ways we try to personify a sense of community:

Friendly competitiveness. Ever been on the last 50m of a run and had a mate right next to you? I guarantee that you’ll sprint finish to the end, and gain a level of intensity that you would not otherwise get if you were solo. Ever started your double unders at the same time as your mate? It goes unsaid, but both of you are thinking “who is going to trip up first?” and that pulls more intensity out of your workout.

Pairs and Group WODs. Another way that we can creep more intensity into the workout and build a solid sense of community is by having regularly programming workouts that are done in pairs or groups. These are good fun, and considering that most of the local fitness competitions in New Zealand are either pairs or groups our daily wods can help you get generally fit and prepared to walk onto a competition floor.

If you are member of our community that follows along at home, grab a super buddy and give this workout a try together:

10 Min Alternating Rounds: 5 Burpees 10 Sit Ups 15 Air Squats.

You do a round, tag your buddy and they do a round. Do this as many times as possible in ten minutes. Get encouraging too. Let your buddy know you support them.

Regular Events. Working out together at the box is great fun, and using that same fitness outside of the box is super fun. We have a few major events coming up in the next few months including the River City Raft Race, and The CrossFit Opens. Watch out for more details.

High Fives. Touch is important and as humans we are a social animal. How we finish every workout is with a five high. This was something the original owner of CrossFit Whanganui Myles Hodder introduced and its been an awesome piece of our culture ever since.