Hard work breeds success and success breeds hard work.

Hard work breeds success and success breeds hard work.

One of the key reasons that we are so effective is that as soon as 321 Go is called you are surrounded by a room full of people that work equally as hard as you, and that breeds success.

Our workouts are also designed to be hard. You will hardly ever walk into the box and walk out at the end of the session with a shirt that could be folded up and put back into the draw. Oh no, that stinky thing needs to go straight into the wash.

The workouts are hard if you’re fit and they hard if you haven’t worked out before at all. (The bad guys just keep getting tougher).

That ‘hard work’ is where all the results are. And our community love the hard work. If they didn’t, they would instead purchase a $7 per week membership at a Globo and use the cup holders on the elliptical while sipping on Gaterade.

But don’t be mistaken that you will ever ‘finish’ working hard. It doesn’t work like that!

What happens is you work hard, you get success. The success makes you stronger, so what you previously perceived as hard is now easy.

So now you can handle more. This is what we call increased capacity.

Success isn’t achieving a goal by changing behaviours short term. Then reverting back to how you were before. The body adapts both ways. Work more, achieve more. Work less, the body adapts to that too!

If you don’t continuously strive to work hard then you don’t continue to grow. Be patient and find a new balance in your life.

Enjoy the process, celebrate every achievement. Continue to grow. Continue to push further. And before you know it, you will have transformed!