Getting back in the box

Getting back in the box

At this time of year, many people have come up with a goal resolution for the New Year and for most, it will include improving their fitness and health. That’s awesome and at CrossFit Whanganui we love helping these goals become a reality. For some of us though, the goal is “getting back into fitness”. Perhaps the Christmas break stretched a little too far and now looking back its been weeks or even months since your last WOD.

We understand exactly how challenging it can be trying to reintroduce fitness back into your routine, and we’ve helped countless athletes make a return to the box. From our experience over the past five years, here are three tried and tested ways to getting back into the box:

Start with three sessions a week. One of the frustrations we hear a lot about from athletes that have successfully returned to training is that they compare their level performance now (when they return) to when they were deep into CrossFit and their diet was on point. That person was a difference beast and although your mind says “you can do this” your body will now say “nope you can do yyy”. Its important that you listen to your body and train accordingly. We advise that when introducing CrossFit back into your life, you make the commitment to three sessions per week. Even if you were an unlimited athlete that train 6 days a week. Start with three, and eventually over time, increase your volume.

Sort out a wod buddy. We have two awesome athletes that train during the 5:30am class and have been with us for years. In 2016/17 they had a long period of time where they didn’t come into the box. I’ve watched them successfully integrate early morning trainings back into the routines and want to share their formula for success. When they book their classes via influx, they message each other to make sure their schedules are aligned and to reaffirm that they will go together. Boom, they now have accountability to each other and then they take it one step further with “I’ll pick you up on my way to the box”. Now, when that alarm goes off and the attraction of the snooze button beckons, they have to get up because their super wod buddy is waiting for them. Awesome approach, and these two are a pleasure to coach. They even have matching coffee cups at 5:30 am each morning too.

Scale and just move. Not everything needs to be RX. I think over time, the attraction of putting “RX” next to your name on the board has created a culture where “scaled” becomes a dirty word. Its our goal to make that word sexy again, and trust us, 99% of the worlds CF population have to scale their workouts. If you see 500m run on the board and you know you’ll end up walking most of that distance, scale to 200m instead and aim to run the entire distance without walking. If the RX weight calls for 60kgs, ask your coach what the intended stimulus is meant to be, and then pick a weight that matches. If its meant to be 5 reps touch and go, then maybe 30kgs is the exact weight you should pick. There is absolutely nothing wrong with scaling and we encourage it 110% Although, if we think you need to scale up, we will tell you.