Friday 6th April 2018

Friday 6th April 2018

Strength – Deadlifts


Conditioning – 8 Min AMRAP

20 Kettlebell Swings 32/24

200m Run

10 Burpees

More is not better. Better is better.

There seems to be a cycle that many of us fall into along our journey of fitness. We start functional training as a means to be happier and healthier and then as a test of our progress sign up to a local fitness comp.

Having participated in a competition, the feeling of euphoria afterwards is pretty awesome. This is why many of us keep going back for more and more. We think “Wow that was awesome, I want to do better next time”. That is such an awesome thought and one of the wins that you can take away from competing.

The trap happens when we walk off and think “if I want to get better, I need to do more training”. The problem is, that more does not equal better…better equals better. Not everyone needs three or more wods a day, with a strength focused morning, gymnastics session for three hours during the day then a hero wod at night. Indeed for 99% of the population this is just plain dumb.

Greg Glassman summed this up perfectly: Don’t be impressed by volume, be impressed by intensity.

For most of us, the issue is not that we need “harder” or more workouts, but that we need to really focus in of giving proper intensity to the workout of the day.

Our coaches have been around since the early days of CrossFit competitions in New Zealand, and can truly help you improve your performances on the arena floor. Here are our top four bits of advice that we recommend for you to get better as a CF competitor:

Give everything to the whiteboard session. One of the most frustrating things your coach can hear is “that was too easy”. What we actually hear is “I missed the workouts intention”. Next session, give this a go…ask your coach what this workout should feel like and hit it perfectly. Your coach should already tell you what this should feel like e.g. “This should be a sprint” or “This one is a long session, pace early and finish hard”. Try to milk the most out of the words written on the whiteboard.

Focus on recovery. When we follow the high performing athletes on social media, no one sees the hours and hours of mobility or food prep that goes into their performance. We only see the PR lifts and endless Murph attempts.  Recovery is just as important as the point above. You don’t get stronger from training, you get stronger by recovering from training. Get good sleep, drink water, eat well, make love often and run in nature.

Work on the skill of the movements. One thing you can do which shouldn’t tax your body too much is actively work on the movements you need to. I wrote a blog about the movements you’d hate to see come out of the hopper, and having these as your “homework”. This is true for athletes wanting to be better competitors. Pick a skill, and practice it. Want better Handstand walking …. get upside down more.

Book a private one on one with a coach – This one is a guaranteed ingredient to your success. The coaches at CFW are the most experienced competitors and coaches within Whanganui. Both Karli and I have tens of thousands of hours coaching and have a massive repertoire of teaching tools to get you towards your goal. I promise you’ll love a private session.

Book your initial consultation here:

Now, I know I may just underwrite everything I’ve just said in this article but I have to share this picture. Holy moly, check out what a day in the life of Rich Froning Jr includes. Amazing specimen of a beast. Warning – do not try cram his volume into a single day.

A very worthwhile read:

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