CrossFit for the Lovers

CrossFit for the Lovers

Not many people know this but Karli and I started off at CrossFit Whanganui as athletes first and then eventually coaches and owners. In 2011 we were 100% gym bunnies, and rocked the globogym scene in Whanganui. Every lunchtime we would meet up at the local globo, and workout together for 40 mins before returning to the grind of the office. When I say “workout” I realise in hindsight that we were just really going through the motions and the intensity never touched anything like what we do now. And, although we were working out together, we were never working out together. I had my programme and she had hers, so off we went.

One summer night in 2011, I was couch surfing through ESPN and came across the CrossFit Games. This was truly a milestone for us, and has literally been the catalyst that has introduced hundreds of people to this awesome community. We emailed the coach (Myles Hodder) and popped along for a workout. The first workout we did together was Tabata, and although it was only 4 minutes long, it kicked our butts and we got to finally workout with each other. Since then we have done pairs competitions, and hundreds of Wods side by side.

Through all this we have seen couples use CrossFit Whanganui as a tool not only to strengthen their bodies, but also strengthen the cool bond between them. This Valentine’s day I would love to share with you my top three tips of how you can maximise your CrossFit Whanganui experience as a couple.

Make it a date I took this inspiration from an awesome couple that trained with us and they would literally set a time aside on Tuesday and start their Tuesday off with an evening WOD at CrossFit Whanganui and call it Date Night. After this, they’d pop off for something else special, but the start of date night would be a Wod.

Use your fitness outside of CrossFit Whanganui The whole point of these constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity is to make our lives happier and healthier. So, grab your super wod buddy and make a conscious effort to use your fitness outside of the box.

Beware of “coaching” I know it’s tempting to give your wod buddy a quick cue and correct their form, but please please please leave the coaching to your coaches. You might have a partner that loves you giving them critique, but the biggest trend that I’ve seen within the box, is that this is a very quick way to start a stern conversation.

As their life wod partner, you know them better than anyone else and because of that relationship have the ability to scoop on praise in a manner that will truly get to their heart. Have a honest think about them and when you see them achieve something that you know they have been struggling with, load on the praise. Make it genuine, and honest but don’t hold back from letting you wod buddy know you are proud of them.