Character is more important

Character is more important

At the time of writing this I am still high off the vibes from the amazing community that travelled to Taranaki and the CrossFit New Plymouth Battle of the Belt. This cool event has run for 5 years and grown every year, with 2017 being the first year that a Whanganui crew was invited to participate.

On the 2/3 Feb 2018 we had four people from the CrossFit Whanganui Community enter. During the weekend I went on a rollercoaster of emotions being a very proud coach and leader of the CFW community. What I saw on the weekend was the personification of the “Why” of CrossFit Whanganui. We are here to make people happier, healthier and fitter. To Karli and I, the character you demonstrate as a competitor is more important than your position on the podium. I was almost in tears (and others in my crew were crying) at the absolute beauty of character displayed by our athletes.

Amy OG triple OG Amy Brogden joined up to her very first individual competition in the RX division. For anyone this is a daunting journey, but Amy stepped up and gave her total spirit into every workout. One moment in particular was her first Handstand Push Up, on her very last attempt during an extremely challenging workout. We had watched her attempt a HSPU multiple times and fall achingly close on every attempt. Then on her final 30 seconds, she picked her chest up, sucked in a big breath, then got into position. With the crowd and the CFW community cheering at stadium levels of noise she ground out one awesome HSPU. This is a moment I’ll remember forever and it makes it especially sweet coming from one of my first ever athletes (Onramp number 1!). Because of her strength of character, Amy B was awarded one of three “Spirit of the Belt” awards and received a huge gift basket. Amy, it is people like you that make events like these so special.

The Peoples Champ – Tere If you are eve lucky enough to have a person like Tere in your life, consider yourself extremely fortunate. I know only one person with the personality and character that Tere has and it was evident during the entire weekend. Tere is a proud member of the CFW community and wears our colours every chance he gets. But, if you were spectating during one of his heats, you wouldn’t know where he came from as every single person in the crowd cheers for Tere by name. This is because he has made friends and networks with every single person at the event. In between heats, you won’t find Tere in a corner eating baby food out of a sachet, he will be working the room and talking to as many people as he can. His genuine friendship is apparent to all, and as a result, the loudest cheers of the heat are for this man affectionately known as “Chief”.

Stacey and her infectious smile Everyone that knows Stacey, is immediately greeted by her massive smile and genuine offer of friendship. She takes as much pride in the achievements of the people competing next to her as she does of her own PBs. Often, you’ll see her jumping and dancing around and think “She must have hit a PB”, but it’s actually her pure joy at seeing someone else achieve a PB. This beautiful character was on display at Battle of the Belt, and is evident by the number of competitors from other boxes that are happy to call her their friend. Her FaceBook comments are full of competitors saying “It was so nice to compete with you” or “You are awesome, I loved throwing down with you”. This, is the impression we want to leave and I get goose bumps of pride knowing that Stacey is part of this amazing CFW community.

Matt McLay Now if you want to talk about dedication, Matt will trump you every time. In preparation for throwing down in The Hulk division, he grew an amazing handlebar moustache! It was glorious. Matt is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and his work ethic is second to none. Two weeks earlier at Judgement Day he entered his first competition and then two weeks later dropped his anchor of a buddy (that was me) and competed as an individual. Amazing heart shown in every workout and when he wasn’t on the floor, he was entertaining the kids with his true calling “Funcle”.

Aaaahhh my spirit is full.

This is what being a member of the CrossFit Whanganui Community is supposed to feel like.

Community is Everything.