A cool haircut and a workout

A cool haircut and a workout

I love my trips to the Barber. I am a little bit weird, in that I love to watch how people interact with each other and observe their body language over the course of their trip into the barbershop ecosystem. How people move, speak and use their body’s tells a lot about their mood and how they are generally feeling.

This emotional intelligence is a skill that I find very natural, but like any skill it can be learned and practiced. This is a very powerful tool for our coaches at CrossFit Whanganui, and taking note of our athletes body language and interactions can often tell us if we need to add more intensity, or rein in for a little while. This also helps us build a solid coach/athlete relationship.

The barbershop is an awesome place for these human observations as you are sitting there for a loooooooong time, looking scruffy while waiting for your turn in the chair.

On one of my most recent trips to be shorn, I noted a very common trend and I see the same trend in our athletes at CrossFit Whanganui.

The young men, walk into the barber with shoulders rolled forward, sometimes a cap on hiding their eyes, or other times with a great mop of hair that is about a month past its due date. They mumble a hello to the Barber then sit down and wait.

Finally when its their turn to get a cut, they start sitting up straighter and talking about life and nothing in particular as the Barber goes about his craft. Slowly, his chest rises, he starts sitting up straighter and a slow smile creeps onto his face.

By the time he leaves the chair and walks from the shop his grin is infectious and he walks three inches taller.

We see the same transformation every hour at CrossFit Whanganui.

Our athletes are either just waking up, and come walking in Zombie like. Or, they have just finished work, and come in Zombie like.

But when they leave; their grins are infectious and they walk three inches taller.

Although the goal of CrossFit is to give you a general level of physical preparedness, the goal of CrossFit Whanganui is to have you leave our facility with a massive smile and three inches taller.