7 years doing the CrossFit Opens

7 years doing the CrossFit Opens.

Everyone remembers their first CrossFit Opens

It’s a period of time, when your heart is racing and the fear and anticipation of whats about to happen triggers an internal and primal conversation. Should I run, or should I fight? Am I man enough for this? Or will I crumble when it’s time to step up? What if my peers laugh at me? Am I a coward?

For me, my first interaction with the CrossFit Games Open WODs was at a kids play ground. Pull up bars were still pretty rare and with CrossFitters being quite innovative, we took over a kids playground. Setting up our barbells whilst the kids watched us with amused expressions, wondering why we were playing on their monkey bars. The ground was covered in bark shards that was supposed to soften the blow if kids fell off, but really just provides sharp daggers for any kids unfortunate enough to lose their grip.

That WOD included an ascending ladder of thrusters and chest to bar pull ups. It was 7 mins long and that point I had never done a chest to bar anything, and my pull ups were always strict and to the chin.

The thrusters were a piece of cake, 3 easy reps to nail before I moved onto the pull ups. Adrenalin was pumpin, my judge and good mate Izzy standing next to me with a clip board in hand. Karli, Myles and Raven all encouraging me to get after it…I was ready to rip the head of a Lion I was so charged up

Myles our coach, started his clock and called “3,2,1, GO!”.

I immediately hammered three thrusters with ease, then stepped up to the pull up bar. How hard can this be? It’s a pull up that goes a little bit higher…just touch your chest to the bar. Rep one, good rep. Sweet! Only two more and I’m back to the barbell for 6 thrusters.

Rep two…just shy by a cm. “No rep” says Izzy with a massively apologetic voice. I jump up for my third attempt, and this time I’m an inch short of a good rep. “No rep sorry bro”. Attempt number four…no rep. I ask Myles how long this has been going for. Surely it is close to time. Bugger, I’m only 1 min in.

So, for the next 6 mins I attempt and attempt and attempt to get my bloody chest to the bar. Both hands bleeding and the bars covered in skin and red liquid, Myles ends my suffering and calls “TIME”. The lifetime long 7 minute workout was over. I had gotten 4 reps. 3 thrusters and that one lonely chest to bar.

At that moment, I had two choices. 1, quit and go back to the safety of the Elliptical machines and mirrored free weights at Globo Gym, or 2, sack up and get fitter. One year later that same workout appeared as a repeat. And I crushed it.

The Opens is more than a series of Workouts done at affiliates around the world. The Opens is an opportunity to reflect on a primal question. When life gets hard…will I quit, or sack up?

You still have time to sign up to the Opens. CrossFit Whanganui will be hosting the opens for our community every Saturday morning at 8:00 am and Monday night at 7:00 pm.