Be Accountable

Get the best out of your workouts by fuelling your body and making better food choices. 

With a Nutrition coach you will learn what is the best next steps to improve your diet and have a healthy lifestyle.

We take a three angle approach,

Educate - You learn what is good nutrition and what is best for you and your goals

Empower - You learn the skills that apply to your needs so you can confidently choose and plan your own meals

Encourage - you are supported to continue to make the best choices and have the accountability to keep you on track.

Book a No Sweat Intro to discuss your requirements and we can build a plan that works for you.

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Nutrition Membership

We offer long term coaching for nutrition that gets you creating healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.  We want everyone to see real results, and it can take time, so our minimum sign up for Nutrition coaching is 3 months.

During these first 3 months, we are creating a foundation for your nutrition and your coach will guide you through this step by step. 

Foundations Nutrition Coaching

3 Month Commitment

$199 per month

  • Initial Consultation and assessment

  • Goal Setting

  • Nutrition Handbook

  • Regular virtual check ins

  • Regular in person  check ins

  • Personalised habits and action plan

  • Access to members only Nutrition Group

  • Graduate to ongoing coaching after 3 months (from $130 per month)